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As per “Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA): India Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2007” report India’s CO2 eq emissions were 1.5 tonnes/capita in 2007. The future emissions can increase or decrease depending upon the life style we choose and choices we make. By adopting better lifestyle and sustainable choices we can lower the rate of increase of the GHG emission. Not only that, we can do more. We can bring the GHGs back from atmosphere by planting trees!

One tree can offset 0.8 - 1.5 tonnes of CO2 in its life time. It will of course depend upon the type of species and its growth. Assuming the lifespan of a human being to be 100 years, the total average emission will be 150 tonnes of CO2eq in India. Therefore if we plant 100 saplings and nurture them into tree, we can absorb approximately 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide thus can erase our carbon foot print and reduce major component of GHG.

Only planting of a tree is not enough. We must ensure that they become a tree. Our own growth from childhood to maturity is very similar to that of a tree. Tree is a true friend.

If we plant 100 saplings as a kid and care for them, these plants will become a tree. They will absorb the equivalent amount of CO2 we will emit in our life time. Interestingly the absorption and emission timings are also related. When we are kids we have small Carbon Footprints. The sapling also absorbs very less amount of CO2. As plant reaches adolescence it starts absorbing CO2 more vigorously. It continues to absorb throughout its youth and maturity, very similar to the growth in our own Carbon Footprints. Thus planting trees not only matches amount but also rate.

Trees Grow They Absorb more and more carbonGrowth of Human Being and corresponding growth in Carbon foot print

Comparison of absorption of Carbon by tree with growth of Human Being. It is shown that with our growth the carbon footprint increases at the same time tree also absorbs more carbon dioxide.

Students Corner

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