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Green Pledges

I have believed in the power of people's participation to bring extraordinary results in any development effort. However, before physical participation, on a more metaphysical and spiritual plane, people have to mentally adopt and assimilate a thought, identify and integrate that with their inner and spiritual energies and then redirect their efforts into achieving and realising it.

- Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi
Power Pledge
  • I will plant and nurture at least ten trees.
  • I will celebrate my kid's birthday by getting a tree planted.
  • I will use water and electricity judiciously.
  • I will judiciously use water for irrigation.
  • I will provide mechanism for rain water harvesting in my building.
  • I will protect myself and make people aware about the need to protect national resources and national property.
  • I will use eco-friendly products.
  • I will collect garbage in dust bin only and will not throw litter anywhere.
  • I will work sincerely to have more and more villages developed as model villages in my region.
  • I will keep my classroom neat and clean. - Official Portal of Gujarat Government
Gujarat Energy Development Agency, the National Portal of India
Digital India
Office of The Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat State
 Vibrant Gujarat 2017 - The Global Business Hub : External website that opens in a new window
Forest Department, Govt. of Gujarat
Gujarat Pollution Control Board
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