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  • To co-ordinate with various departments such as Energy and Petrochemicals Department, Forests and Environment Department, Industries and Mines Department, Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply and Kalpasar Department, Urban Development and Urban Housing Department, Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department, Ports and Transport Department, Education Department, Health and Family Welfare Department et al. and provide advice and guidance to them in the context of Climate Change and prepare a holistic Climate Change policy for the Government of Gujarat with the support of these departments.
  • To co-ordinate with the Government of India, National Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Authority, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and other national and international agencies on the issues related to Climate Change.
  • To work on issues related to promulgated policies for non-conventional alternative sources of energy like Solar energy and Wind energy along with necessary research and developmental work and publicity to encourage the use of such sources.
  • To study the impacts of Climate Change in terms of the rising of the sea level, agricultural productivity, problems of coastal population and coastal infrastructural facilities and assets and to impart guidance on its mitigation.
  • To act as nodal department for the purpose of maximum utilization of Green Technology and to create new employment opportunities so as to convert green technology into a new vehicle to boost economy.
  • To promote dealing with policy issues related to Green technology and Clean technology to generate revolving fund for the purpose and to administer the same.
  • Bio Gas Plants
    To promote availing of benefits of CDM by earning CERs (Certified Emission Reduction/carbon credit) through public and private sectors.
  • To suggest measures to promote wide acceptance of CNG or other alternative fuel resources for transportation so as to control air pollution.
  • To make suggestions and provide guidance on disposal of solid waste, sewage waste and medical waste in the context of Climate Change.
  • To evolve new strategies for environmental conservation with regard to air, water and land.
  • To suggest measures to ward off expansion of desert and to increase forest cover.
  • To provide guidance on developing various courses and curricula for educational purpose in the context of Climate Change and encourage Research and Development on Climate Change in the universities, organize training for professors and planning thereof.
  • To establish new "Gujarat Institute of Research and Climate Change (GIRCC)" affiliated with Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University and other ancillary work related thereto.
  • To develop new technology and suggest measures for mitigation of Green House Gases (Carbon dioxide and Methane etc.) in the atmosphere.
  • To keep the city and rural areas clean, to associate Sakhi-Mandal with activities such as awareness development among people, to remove filth and create hygienic environment.
  • To produce biogas from cow dung, agriculture and biological waste as an alternative source of energy and adopt a new international technology for the purpose. - Official Portal of Gujarat Government
Gujarat Energy Development Agency, the National Portal of India
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Office of The Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat State
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Forest Department, Govt. of Gujarat
Gujarat Pollution Control Board
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