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Right to Information

Chapter No.
Document Type
Sr. No.Details/SubjectDocument
01Details of the organization, functions and duties 1.pdf (92 KB)
02Duties of Officers and Employees 2.pdf (78 KB)
03Function of the decision making process 3.pdf (76 KB)
04Functions to decide the norms 4.pdf (78 KB)
05To serve used to work on maximizing the rules / regulations, etc. 5.pdf (70 KB)
06Public authority or person under his control register of documents 6.pdf (80 KB)
07Financial advice to members of the public policy implementation ghadatara or Academy voters - if any arrangements for consultation or representation details 7.pdf (70 KB)
08Board, Council, committees and other groups 8.pdf (73 KB)
09Officers / Employees Information Manual (Directory) list.pdf (196 KB)
10Officer Personnel Remuneration 10.pdf (73 KB)
11Budget Provision 11.pdf (69 KB)
12Subsidy programs implemented by the Department of Systems 12.pdf (70 KB)
13The incentives provided by the Department, permit the recipient adhikruti details 13.pdf (70 KB)
14Available Electronic information 14.pdf (70 KB)
15Details of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information 15.pdf (70 KB)
16Public Information Officers Name, Designation and other details 16.pdf (73 KB)
17Other useful information 17.pdf (58 KB)


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